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At 360 Reality In, we are transforming traditional surveying. We’re using future-focused, innovative techniques to bring surveying into a digitally-centered, BIM-as-standard world. Welcome to the future of BIM surveys.

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Upgrading Facilities Management For Existing Buildings With Laser Scanning

Currently, the innovations offered by the BIM-era seem to be promoted mainly for new builds. With so much to be gained by incorporating BIM practices into facilities management for existing buildings, why is it that the industry is ‘dragging its feet?’ Facilities management depends upon the storing of data around assets and respective locations. For

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Transforming Underground Utility Mapping

Underground utility works pose a wealth of challenges for every kind of worker. Mapping and plans, in particular, are an underdeveloped area where the failings of traditional practices cause hugely negative impacts to productivity, costs and human safety. It is essential that underground works can be reliably located, but current practices do not always allow

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